Brochures - Hand Picked By Visitors  

New research conducted by the Center for Marketing Technology at Bentley University confirms brochures are the #1 in-market influence on visitors' decision making process.  

Hand picked by tourists themselves, each brochure taken represents a potential customer(s). Effective and efficient, brochure advertising delivers qualified leads at a cost no other vertical can provide.
Strategically located in high-traffic visitor locations including hotels, transportation centers and tourism attractions, CTM's network of over 12,000 brochure displays reach a revolving market of visitors at the most advantageous time!


Proof is in the Pick-Up Rate!
 12,016 Brochures Per Hour




Research & Statistics 

Hotel & Visitor Network

CTM Media Group services a vast network of brochure display stands strategically located in hotel and visitor locations. This revolving customer base caters to tourists in major visitor market and is ideal for promoting information to visitors planning their vacation or informing them on the best things to do during their visit.

Local Residents Network

A vast market exists close to home. With staycations becoming increasingly popular, targeting individuals in these sectors provide great exposure for those who work and live near your business! 



Full Service Design Team

Want to promote your business but don’t have an ad? Let our in-house design experts create your award winning brochure or promotion. Knowledgeable in all current design software, CTM’s staff can manage all your design needs from start to finish.

Whether you need a multi-panel brochure, rack card, map ad or publication, we have the experience to make your ad or publication come to life with dynamic graphics and creative minds.

Wholesale Buying Print Network

Save time and money on printing expenses. CTM consolidated buying power can pass along great savings on print expenses. Coordinate your brochure or custom print job conveniently with one company. Let CTM deliver the cost savings your business demands – just request a free quote.





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